About Me

Hi There!

I’m Debbie, a blog writing enthusiast and children’s book author and illustrator.

Once upon a time, I was a computer programmer and systems analyst at a bank. Now blog writing, and illustrate children’s books for a living. Life is crazy and wonderful.

In a nutshell: I write and illustrate books for young people.

This blog (LogicsBlog.com)will be used to document my work (sharing aspects of writing, children’s literature creation, illustration shares, useful knowledge and tools sharing), as well as to share my interesting life.

You know, logical thinking plays a crucial role in writing, which is why I registered the domain name “logicsblog” for my blog.

I’m comfortable with both in-person and virtual presentations, and is happy to tailor content for any level of experience. I’ve given many talks and workshops about writing and illustrating books for young people, and my school presentations always include an emphasis on the importance of reading.

For older readers, I also enjoy talking about how to use her books for social-emotional learning in the classroom, behind-the-scenes picture book process, tips on how to get started in writing and illustrating children’s books, and mental health and creativity.

When I’m not working, you’ll probably find I am reading, playing my Celtic harp, gaming, drawing with her food, and fervently wishing for Hermione’s Time-Turner.

Thanks you fans visting my blog.