Track: The Squirrels Are Taking Over

Carried out by City Tapestry

(Lead vocal & guitar: Allison Durno, Jodi & I sing backup vocals. Boyfriend bits are yelled by yours really :-)) 

     Am                        G
Once we moved in, we beloved the neighbourhood

     F                      Am G F
We couldn’t have requested for extra

       Am        G             
Although I admit I kinda questioned ’bout the

F                G
crucifix on every door.

    Am                G
We planted roses, revamped the roof, the

F                     Am        G   F
future was wanting brilliant, however then we

Am                     G
began listening to the strangest noises

F                       G
behind the partitions at night time…

    Am              G
One morning we noticed Mrs. S.

      F                         Am G F
Our subsequent door neighbour, she’s candy!

   Am                     G
We waved however I suppose she didn’t see us

    F                 G
as she ran down the road.

     Am              G
All of a sudden we seen one thing bizarre,

    F                          Am  G F
a seething mass of black and brown

     Am            G
after which the Evil Squirrel Horde took

F                   G
Mrs. Scuridopolous down.

    F              G
We boarded up the home windows

    C              Am
put garlic on the door

    F            G
But daily we discovered extra scratches

     F                     G
and peanut shells on the ground.

          F                     G
“That is silly,” my boyfriend stated, “Squirrels are

C                       Am  
innocent and that’s a reality!

     F                G
I’m going outdoors to test issues out

      F                    G
Keep right here…I’LL BE RIGHT BACK.”

 (music stops abruptly)